Salam Tutt

Salam Tutt
Died 2785
Affiliation Free Worlds League
Profession Colonel

Salam Tutt was the commanding officers of the Sixth Bolan Defenders in 2785.[1]


The Sixth was one of two regiments of Bolan Defenders garrisoning Bolan in March 2785 when the Lyran Commonwealth invaded. The Commanding Officer of the Sixth, Colonel Salam Tutt, was in overall command of the defending Bolan forces at the time from his headquarters in the Overwatch, the former Star League-era headquarters of the SLDF 418th Mechanized Infantry Division. The Lyran invasion began with the capture of the system zenith jump point recharge station, ahead of the arrival of a dozen Lyran WarShips - eight Mako-class corvettes and four Commonwealth-class cruisers escorting upwards of three regiments of BattleMechs and supporting forces. The Lyran forces arrived in two groups, one half arriving at the zenith jump point while the other half arrived via a LaGrange point located three days transit from Bolan. Three of the Free Worlds League WarShips assigned to the Bolan garrison, the League-class destroyers FWLS Talwar, FWLS Turk and FWLS Tyberium engaged the first Lyran group en route to Bolan and succeeded in disabling two Makos and nearly destroying a third before being forced to withdraw by the heavier Commonwealths; the Lyran WarShips then escorted the DropShips as they landed ground forces on Bolan.[1]

The arrival of the second half of the Lyran ground forces led to a second major naval engagement between the two groups of WarShips, where the Free Worlds League forces managed to destroy two Makos and force a Commonwealth to retreat, but the Tyberium and the Aegis-class heavy cruiser FWLS Manaslu were crippled by the more numerous Lyran WarShips. This left the Lyrans in effective control of Bolan's orbital space; the Sixth and a sister regiment held out on the surface of Bolan for two weeks before the 101st and its commanding officer, Lieutenant Colonel Omar Malak were killed when the Lyran commanding officer, Leutnant-General Richard Johonson von Eilenburg had the city of Calcutta destroyed via bombing runs and heavy artillery barrage rather than dig the entrenched Bolan Defenders out of their fortifications within the city.[1]

Colonel Tutt ordered the Talwar to bombard the grounded Lyran DropShips near the ruins of Calcutta in retaliation for the destruction of the city, but even as the Talwar fired on the DropShips Leutnant-General von Eilenburg was calling on Tutt to surrender. Tutt responded by ordering elements of the Bolan Defenders - including elements of the Sixth - to retreat from Bolan as best possible, with the Talwar and Turk running escort, whilst also ordering the nuclear weapons stockpiled within the Overwatch to be used to launch a scorched-earth campaign intended to ensure that the Lyrans received as little benefit as possible from the capture of Bolan and that the Lyrans couldn't capture the nuclear arsenal and use it against the League later. Whilst elements of the Bolan Defenders escaped, Colonel Tutt remained on Bolan, leading troops from the Sixth in a suicidal assault against the Lyran forces located near the ruins of Mumbai, Bolan's capital city.[1]

He was killed during the invasion of Bolan.


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