Mako (Corvette) TRO3057r.png
Production information
Manufacturer Bolson Shipyards
Introduced 2692
Production Year 2692[1]
Use Corvette
Tech Base Star League
Cost 1,708,588,000 C-Bills
Technical specifications
Mass 200,000 tons
Length 390 meters
Sail Diameter 260 meters
Fuel 1,000 tons
Burn Rate 39.52
Safe Thrust 3 g
Top Thrust 4.5 g
Sail Integrity 6
KF Drive Integrity 16
LF Battery No
Armor Ferro-Aluminum Armor
DropShip Capacity 0
Crew 170
Grav Decks 1 x 55 meter diameter
Escape Pods/Life Boats 10/10
Heat Sinks 600 Double Heat Sinks
Structural Integrity 50
BV (1.0) 66,222[2]


A corvette designed by the Lyran Commonwealth, the Mako-class corvette is a quick, well armed and armored vessel. The vessel's small size and quickness are in stark contrast to conventional Lyran combat doctrines, emphasizing large size to maximize armor and firepower, a doctrine responsible for naval vessels like the Tharkad-class battleship. The Mako serves primarily as an escort vessel for larger fleet movements, but is equally capable as a border garrison or as a lone ship conducting independent operations.[2]

The Mako was produced at the Bolson Shipyards over New Kyoto between 2692 and 2787. During this time, more than 100 Mako-class vessels were constructed.[2] By 2765 the Lyran Commonwealth navy had twenty-seven Makos in service,[3] although the Lyran Commonwealth was ever the consummate trading state and also sold the ship to foreign powers, including the Terran Hegemony and the Rim Worlds Republic. As a result, Makos fought on both sides of the Amaris Civil War.[2]

Production of the Mako ceased after the Free Worlds League destroyed the Bolson Shipyards. Attrition led to the eventual destruction of every Mako in service; the last Mako-class vessel was destroyed over Caledonia trying to repel a Kurita invasion in 2841.[2]


The Mako boasts an impressive armament for a small naval vessel, including naval autocannons, naval PPCs, and naval lasers for engaging other WarShips. The Mako also possesses lasers, Gauss rifles and autocannons for anti-aerospace fighter defense.[2]

However, the most impressive features of the Mako are its maneuverability and its armor. The 200,000 ton Mako mounts nearly 200 tons of armor, and is capable of exceptionally quick 4.5 G acceleration.[2]


The Mako is not designed for transport. The Mako possesses no DropShip collars, and has only 2 bays, capable of transporting only 2 small craft and just 980.5 tons of cargo.[2]

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