Samuel Dannen

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Samuel Dannen
Also known as "Squire"
Affiliation Independent
Mercenary MechWarrior


Samuel Dannen was born on Kittery where he watched the First Kittery Borderers training near the garrison where he grew up. he devoured books and holivids about legendary MechWarriors.

His family could not pay any local Academy training and for his first years he went from job to job until he got a job as a mechanic at the garrison. During the night, he sometimes got inside the 'Mechs he was assigned to repair and tried to learn how to pilot a BattleMech. He was found out and fired, though no charges were pressed.

His carrer as a mechwarrior could have ended there, but unknown to him, he had caught the attention of Justin Allard, who decided to help him finding a job as mercenary. Justin confirms that the boy is green, but that he is a fighter.


Samuel "Aquire" Dannen is one of the Ronin MechWarriors designed for the BattleTech (video game). Featured only in the apocryphal computer game BattleTech video game, the character is considered apocryphal as well.[1]


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