Scarlet Shrike

Scarlet shrike.png
Scarlet Shrike
(Lanius Carnivorus Kolovratis)
Creature information
Type Avian
Homeworld Kolovraty
Environment Moderate climate
Average mass 0.9 kg
Average length 86 cm
Average height 40 cm

The Scarlet Shrike is a small, aggressive bird of prey native to the world of Kolovraty within the Lyran Commonwealth.[1]


The Scarlet Shrike is an airborne carnivore that preys on smaller birds and even a few large native insects and rodents. It has a hooked beak, six-taloned feet and a pair of long, tentacle-like appendages that grow from its tail. These appendages are used in flight to aid stability and capturing prey. The locals of Kolovraty call it the "Kolovraty Phoenix" for its red and orange plumage and piercing cry.

While notoriously hard to domesticate, there are rumors that nobles from the Clan occupied Tamar Pact worlds have started a program to breed and train scarlet shrikes as attack birds. These rumors also indicate they have released these animals into the wilds on several Clan Jade Falcon occupied worlds where the shrike hunts and kills the avian Jade Falcons that have been imported by their Clan's namesake.[1]


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