Sylvester VanEastenger

Sylvester VanEastenger
Character Profile
Also known as Harold Jones
Profession Director

Sylvester VanEastenger was a well-known Director after the Jihad born as Harold Jones.[1]


He was a director known for his retro-action style, with over the top action sequences and two dimensional filming. Critics never liked his work, but his last film, The Good, the Impossible and the Furious, did manage a 160% return on investment.

Nevertheless, Vista Buena pictures passed on him, choosing Remis Largo to head up Manai Deadonai, the latest Immortal Warrior installment. He decided then to film his own version, The Return of the Eternal Fighter, that was sued by Vista Buena for plagiarism. Sylvester VanEastenger scoffed at this idea.[1]


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