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Warrior's Hall
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Academy Information
Location New Syrtis[1]
Course Information
BattleMechs 2765[2] - 3079+[1]
Infantry 2765[2] - 3079+[1]
Conventional Armor 2765[2] - 3079+[1]
Aerospace 2765[2] - 3079+[1]
Battle Armor 3079+[1]


Star League Era[edit]

Located near Saso on the Mawreddog continent on New Syrtis,[1] the Warrior's Hall began as an officers' club with a pair of training Gauntlets used by Armed Forces of the Federated Suns and Star League Defense Force officers to settle disputes,[3] before turning into a competition course and then a military academy. By 2765 the Warrior's Hall was capable of training candidates in every military discipline other than crewing JumpShips or WarShips, and while facilities such as the BattleMech training area weren't the most technologically advanced to be found in an academy it was still one of the best of its kind. Some of the finest MechWarriors to be found in the AFFS were among the hundreds of cadets graduating from the Warrior's Hall each year.[3][2]

Succession Wars[edit]

By the end of the Succession Wars the location of the Warrior's Hall at the political heart of the Capellan March had resulted in it often being used by the Hasek family as their personal recruiting grounds, and while that practise diminished during the thirty-first century many of the cadets entering the Hall still owed much to the Hasek family - and would continue to be loyal supporters in turn. As late as the 3060s the Duke of the Capellan March retained the right of final approval over all candidates and to review the files of applicants to the Hall.[3]


In the thirty-first century the focus of the Warrior's Hall was to build soldiers with good military skills, with relatively little attention paid to other academic subjects. With the formation of the Armed Forces of the Federated Commonwealth the Warrior's Hall made an agreement with the University of Syrtis that allowed students at the Hall to also study academic subjects at the university. However, many of the senior cadets and even a number of the instructors argued against this practise, and less than five percent of eligible students actually studied with the university.[3]

The Warrior's Hall relied on senior cadets to maintain discipline amongst the student body, a practise which often saw excessive punishments meted out for minor infractions but which also saw the Hall continue to turn out skilled graduates, albeit graduates with a tendency to be cold and calculating. Graduates from the Hall often went on to serve in the ranks of the Syrtis Fusiliers and tended to display an abiding hatred of the Capellan Confederation.[3]


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