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Production information
Manufacturer ?
Use ?
Tech Base ?
Cost ?
Introduced (prior to 3059[1])
Technical specifications
Mass ?
Length ?
Sail Diameter
Burn Rate
Top Thrust ?
Sail Integrity
KF Drive Integrity
LF Battery ?
Armament ?
Armor ?
DropShip Capacity ?
Crew ?
Grav Decks ?
Escape Pods/Life Boats ?
Heat Sinks ?
Structural Integrity
BV (1.0) ???
BV (2.0) ???


The Uma is a class of JumpShip. No specifics have been published to date, besides the name and the fact that it is a type of JumpShip.

A single Uma was part of the Draconis Combine's JumpShip contingent that operated in conjunction with ComStar's Explorer Corps as of 3059.[2]


  1. Explorer Corps, the only source to mention this class, is an in-universe document from 3059.
  2. Explorer Corps, p. 24 ("Personnel and Equipment")