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Here I come again[edit]

After assisting powerless to the fall of my favored tabletop game, Age of Destruction and mourning it, the life still went on and I completed my studies. I enlisted into the army and, thus, had lesser and lesser time to spend in BT. Now it's been nearly 4 years and the flame is still burning in my Clansman heart ! So here I am, ready to lend a hand at the wiki community.

Meanwhile, the game storyline still went on. I have to update my "database" by reading all sourcebook that piled on my bookshelf : Wars of Reaving, Blake Ascending, etc Also, if anyone has information about the "end" of the AoD storyline, that was released through a novel, I'd be glad to hear about it and finaly know who or what disabled the HPG net. Thanks for reading me, Hail to the Clans !

A Clansman presentation[edit]

Well I discovered the BT Universe nearly 15 years ago with some videogames. I really discovered what BT is when some friends of mine invitated me to play MW:DA and then MW:AoD. Since the day I opened a BT Sourcebook, my love for that well balanced, worse-than-Dallas storyline grown. I was then strongly interested by the IS/Clans philosophic and technological duality. Some people think the true BT soul is the pre-Clan period. For my own I think that, despite BT was interesting during the Succession Wars with all its political tricks, things became really hot with the Clan Invasion. This event brought a new look at the BT universe and really propelled the technological warfare. As you can see if you looked at my change logs, my primary interest in BT is whatever matters with the Clans. Despite I'm a staunch Clan supremacist, loving studying Invading Clans and Homeworld Clans stuff, I also appreciate learning things about IS.

Furthermore, I play Clan factions in MW:AoD and graduated #9 French Championship player.


  • Creating every lacking Clan 'Mechs entries.
  • Helping Scaletail in his work.
  • Adding pictures to entries.
  • Add new design pictures for Unseen designs.