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The Rotary Lasers are similiar in function to the Rotary Autocannons in that it lets a weapon fire at far higher rates than otherwise possible. Early prototypes have been made during the Star League, but have since been discarded in favor of Pulse Lasers due to the increased weight, mass and heat compared to normal lasers. The weapon has been revived around the outbreak of the Clan Invasion as part of the Sphere-wide technological recovery. Though again, most houses have discarded the weapon in favor of the smaller and lighter pulse lasers, so only a few periphery realms and mercenary commands continue to field the weapons.

No Rotary Pulse Lasers exist due to incompatability with the firing mode of the Pulse Lasers.

Associated Rules[edit]

All Rotary Lasers can fire as a normal laser of their kind without any additional effect to their rules. When firing at higher rates, though, they follow rules similiar to Rotary Autocannons and suffer a +1 to-hit penalty due to the large heat build-ups.

Rotary Laser Weapons List[edit]