The Early Days: Neveron Manufacturing, Inc.

In the beginning, there was Neveron Manufacturing, Inc. Established in December of 2001 after the failure of several previous empires, it was a humble beginning to what would become a ferocious empire participating in the domination of an entire world.
NMI was created in the midst of a global power struggle of epic proportion. The Word of Blake, Capellan Confederation, League of Free and Independent Nations (LIFE), and dozens of smaller, often predatory factions and empires; All participated in the see-saw of political fortunes. And all fell under the menacing watch of Mad Man's Maruaders, the pre-eminent power of the time.
An isolated empire with no friends, and as yet no enemies, the CEO of NMI sent emissaries to nearby Warlords and Emperors, hoping to secure local friendships and alliances. Chief amongst the positive responses was a communique' from the Emperor of the Yakuza Blades. The honorable Lu-Fong sent his greetings, and wishes for peaceful coexistence. This burgeoning alliance was to prove fortunate.
As NMI grew in both military and economic power, it began to attract the attention of competitors and predators. One in particular, a freelancing war-oriented group known as the Vatican Mercenaries, began preparing for war. Led by a wanted Neveronian criminal named Rox, Vatican Mercs conducted a lightning invasion and succeeded in destroying NMI's defense forces and capturing all of its population centers.
  • As a side note, this attack by Rox took place on the exact day in June '02 that I was getting married in Thailand. Which is why I was unavailable to defend myself. Some wedding gift!
With its army devastated, and its territory annexed by Vatican Mercenaries, the only remnants of NMI's military - A lone MAD-4A and accompanying Raven that had been conducting training at the time - fled to a far-off corner of Neveron to establish a secret military complex. Named "The Annex", this secret base was transformed into a massive city and an army slowly restored to operational combat strength. Though preparing for a difficult struggle alone, NMI's fortunes were soon to turn.
Positive relations with Yakuza Blades proved to be the key to victory, as Lu-Fong selflessly offered to mobilize his most powerful BattleMech force in support of an NMI return home. While NMI's army moved to secure territory and reconquer cities, Lu-Fong engaged Rox in a deadly conflict over the largest occupied city. Though suffering his own losses, Lu-Fong's army was victorious and a defeated Vatican Mercenaries fled the field of battle, never to return.
  • Interesting Factoid: Katrar, the CEO of NMI considered - and still considers - himself to be eternally endebted to Lu-Fong for demonstrating such selfless courage and friendship. To this day, as a gesture of good will towards Yakuza Blades, Chaos2 (the empire that NMI became) maintains a rapid reaction lance of elite BattleMechs in constant preparation for deployment in support of Lu-Fong should he ever need it. Likely, countless battalions of men and material would follow, this timeless debt taken so seriously.

NMI Grows Up: The Capellan Years

As a power, Neveron Manufacturing, Inc. had returned. Having learned the lessons of war, many changes had been implemented and it became a far better defended empire. The growing need for capable allies, and the increasingly pronounced level of global warfare forced Katrar to begin looking for a real politial solution to his problem of defense. He found the Capellan Confederation.
(more to follow)

NMI Transforms: HoC and Katrar's Kommandos

To be added: CapCon is destroyed, NMI becomes Katrar's Kommandos and Katrar joins HoC.

Eternal Warfare: Chaos2

To be added: HoC. War. Endlessly.