The Guillotine[edit]

About Me[edit]

How I got into BattleTech[edit]

My friend got the "A Game of Armored Combat" box over the pandemic. While I never got to play it with him at the time obviously, he sent me pictures of the 'Mechs, and I thought they were the coolest thing ever! A few weeks later, I got a video in my recommended, specifically Tex's video on the Marauder. I recognized the BattleTech logo, and figured "what the heck, I've got 2 hours!" Needless to say, after that I was hooked on the universe.

Favorite 'Mech[edit]

While it used to be the Marauder, after actually playing the game I found that the Guillotine was a real monster. One of my first real games was against my brother. I picked the Marauder, thinking that it couldn't lose to a 'Mech 5 tons lighter, and with a seemingly lesser weapons loudout. I was very wrong. I was in awe at how consistent and dangerous its firepower was, and its jump jets meant I couldn't get away to bring my PPCs to bear. I was eventually killed by decapitation from a large laser, and my opinion was totally flipped on the two mechs.

First Miniatures[edit]

When I was first looking into the game, I built a bunch of crappy "Mechs" with old Warhammer 40k sprue bits. I threw them out eventually because of space, but I still have pictures of them in all their derpy glory. My first real minis were a couple Alpha Strike lance packs I got at my FLGS, apparently they never sold them. This is how I got my Guillotine, and honestly I never would have discovered the 'mech had I never bought this. Eventually I did buy AGOAC, but that came later down the line.

Favorite Faction[edit]

My favorite faction is Comstar up until the Dark Ages, where it takes a sharp right into loving the Rim Collection after Comstar's demise.

Current Projects[edit]

I'm currently researching A Test of Vengeance so I can write the summary. I've also joined project Orphanage.