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Who I Am[edit]

I am a long time Battletech fan, trying contribute to keep the game alive and keep it fun. Thou I am admittively little underskilled compared most folks. I will try to keep focus my writing to help with the existing files and new ones on BattletechWiki accurate as possible.

What I am doing[edit]

Looking for fill in files that are presently missing from the site. At the moment, filling character profiles, missing historical events, and expanding existing character profiles which were left as place holders.

As of 2011, my ability to produce new articles have been reduced. So I will be producing fewer articles in the future. However, I will continue when time permits. I continue to contribute to wiki, though time constraints limit how frequently I can pitch in.

Primary Projects[edit]

  • Minor Character Profiles - Adding content to empty but notable minor characters. = On-going.
  • Character Profiles - Adding content (and updating) to empty articles of Inner Sphere or Clan leadership and any related ones. = On-going.
  • Vehicle and BattleMech Articles - Trying add new profiles as they come in if other writers do it before I have chance to.
  • Adding and Updating Miscellaneous Articles - There are many abandoned articles out there that have not been updated recently. Trying to do ones I can do that I can improve upon.

Past Projects[edit]

  • MWDA Dossier Project - Re-attaching MWDA dossier to their respective articles. = Completed - 1/21/2010.
  • MWDA Dossier Project - Enhancement of articles with "Canon" dossier information = Completed - 7/6/2011.
  • Word of Blake Divisions Project - Updating and adding content to Word of Blake articles = Completed - 7/6/2011.
  • Solaris Stables Profiles - Creating and Listing all known Solaris style Stables & Co-operatives on Battletech Wiki aka Sarna = Suspended - Not enough source materials fill them in. = Completed


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