VTOL Mast Mount

Image of a VTOL Mast Mount

VTOL Mast Mount is an Advanced piece equipment designed to allow VTOLs enhance its sensor abilities while allowing to protect craft from enemy fire.


Introduced in the Pre-Spaceflight Era, the Mast Mount is mounted on the top of a VTOL's rotors. A VTOL using a Mast Mount can use cover, and be able to see over the cover, while protecting itself from enemy fire. Mast Mounts were generally not found on modern VTOLs due the reduced size of them as compared to their pre-spaceflight predecessors.[1]


Game Rules[edit]

The mast is considered one level higher than the craft it is mounted on. It is always mounted above the Rotor. This allows for VTOLs to use spotter aircraft while hovering behind buildings, hills and other obstructions.[1]

The mast is designed to allow a VTOL to mount sensors and other nonweapon equipment (example; C3 computer systems, active probes, ECM suite) above the main rotor. Weapons and combat equipment including TAG & Narc cannot be placed in the Mast.[1]

The equipment placed in a mast mount is considered to be mounted in the rotor itself versus in the aircraft. However, the mast is not considered an actual location. The destruction of the rotors will result in the destruction of the mast mount and all equipment placed in it.[1]


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