Van Gogh

Van Gogh
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Luxor


The Van Gogh was a Luxor-class heavy cruiser in service with the Star League Defense Force during and prior to the Amaris Civil War. The SLS Van Gogh has the distinction of being the last ship of her class to remain in service; the SDS networks deployed around various suborned worlds in the Terran Hegemony recognized the Luxor-class vessels as a serious threat, frequently targeting them as a priority. Such was the case with the Van Gogh; having survived a decade or more of active warfare, the Van Gogh was one of the Star League WarShips involved in the attack to liberate Terra.[1]

The Van Gogh was close to Luna when it was attacked by three squadrons of M-3 Drones which had launched from a hidden hangar on the surface of the moon. The M-3 Drones had already torn through the Van Gogh's escort contingent, which consisted of several assault DropShips and a pair of Vincent-class corvettes, before attacking the Van Gogh; the Van Gogh managed to destroy a number of the drones, but was lost after several of the M-3s deliberately rammed her.[1]


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