Victor Garreth

Victor Garreth
Died 3028
Affiliation Draconis Combine
Profession Lord

Victor Garreth was an officer in the DCMS and Noble in the Draconis Combine.

Character History[edit]

Victor Garreth was a Sho-sa in the 2nd Benjamin Regulars leading its Third Battalion from at least 3024 to 3028.[1]

When his unit was deployed on New Wessex, he was openly disdainful of having as auxiliary unit Tyrell's Raiders. When they asked for a change to prove themselves, he ordered Tyrell's Raiders to guard an important river crossing, the Ourus Crossing, against a Steiner force of ostensibly equal strength. However, the attacking force turned out to be not a company, but a heavy regiment in size, and crushed the defenders in short order. When the survivors of Tyrell's Raiders returned to the DCMS base, they were hanged for cowardice in the face of the enemy because they allegedly retreated from a fight with roughly equal numbers against explicit orders after having suffered only light damage. Their remaining BattleMechs had been confiscated by the Second Benjamin Regulars, who had already lifted off-planet. For most, the destruction of Tyrell's Raiders had obviously been a plot by Victor Garreth to acquire their valuable 'Mechs for his own troops, sacrificing what he considered a worthless mercenary unit.[1]

Four years later, in 3028, during a reception in Kajikazawa, he was faced by Salvadore Tyrell. Salvadore, having survived the battle but unable to join his unit in the retreat, he had been nursering a deep hatred to Garreth, and when Salvadore's master, Hassid Ricol, decided that Victor Garreth was an arrogant liability to his nation, he allowed Salvadore's vendetta.

Both fought to the death, swords in hands, and the compat ended with Garreth's death.[1]


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