Advanced Robotic Transport System


First developed by the Star League in 2609[1] for their Space Defense System bases, the Advanced Robotic Transport System (or ARTS) allowed drone AeroSpace Fighters to launch, recover, refuel, and rearm themselves.[2] Based on robotic warehouse technology widely used by civilian storage and shipping companies, the ARTS was able to remove humans from the landing bay. Shortly after its introduction in planet-side SDS bases, it was installed on the drone WarShips used as the spaceborne component of SDS. AeroSpace Fighter and Small Craft bays on WarShips, Space Stations, and Satellites could be equipped with ARTS, allowing the automated bay to function as if it was fully crewed.[2]

Most ARTS were destroyed in the destruction that was part of the Amaris Civil War. The Word of Blake re-deployed this system in their Naga SDS control ship and their Tiamat drone Pocket WarShip.[2]


Game Rules

ARTS is only available to WarShips, Satellites, and Space Stations. ARTS can be installed alongside regular small craft/AeroSpace Fighter bays, but they weigh 25% more than their crewed counterparts. (A 100 ton ASF bay would weigh 125 tons if equipped with ARTS.) If ARTS-equipped bays are installed on a unit alongside crewed bays, the ARTS equipped bay should have (ARTS) behind it to differentiate it from the crewed bay. The presence of ARTS reduces crew size by an appropriate amount.[2]

ARTS is an Advanced Technology. The Inner Sphere version uses availability codes (D-X-F), while the Clan equivalent ARTS has codes (X-E-E).[2][1]

The Advanced Robotic Transport Bay System was a version installed into orbital SDS facilities. The ARTS bays allow an AeroSpace Fighter or small craft to dock, refuel, and rearm without any bay personnel. Ships with this system launch and recover units (automated or manned) as if they were fully manned. A repair bay equipped with an ARTS system can perform repairs and basic maintenance on vessels contained within them per repair rules and times from Strategic Operations. The ARTS equipped Repair Bay can make the following repairs as a Veteran maintenance squad:

  • Repair armor
  • Repair heat sinks found outside the unit's engine
  • Repair a single Critical Hit to Sensors, CIC, Avionics
  • Repair up to two Critical Hits to Engines or Thrusters.
  • Repair structural damage on units that have lost less than 25% of their Structural Integrity. For example an AeroSpace fighter with an SI of 10 can be repaired if its SI is 8 or higher. Otherwise it needs a manned repair base.[1]


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