Capellan Holdfast

Capellan Holdfast
State Profile
Founding Year 2193
Dissolution year: 2194


The Capellan Holdfast was a small state based around the world of Capella which existed for a mere two years.


The Capellan Holdfast was founded in 2193[1] by Jurdan Aris after he and a select group of followers fled the Terran Alliance in a hijacked JumpShip in 2192. Aris and the Holdfast were discovered in 2194 by explorers from the Sarna Supremacy, who attempted to claim Capella on the grounds that the Supremacy was a recognized government, unlike the Holdfast. Rather than accede to the demand that Capella join the Supremacy under the terms of the Sarna Constitution, the Capellans instead seized the Sarna explorers and forced them under duress to become Capellan citizens as well as receiving the explorer's JumpShip as a "gift".[2]

Knowing that his realm would be unable to compete with the Sarna Supremacy, Aris reinvented the Capellan Holdfast as the Capellan Republic in 2194 with the intention of ensuring the survival of his planet and ultimately its dominance over many other worlds.[3]

The flag of the Capellan Holdfast is described as three gold coins on a red field with the motto "No Regrets, No Surrender" on the reverse.[2]


Although House Liao (The Capellan Confederation) indicates that the Capellan Holdfast was discovered in 2195 and replaced with the Capellan Republic that year,[2] Handbook: House Liao indicates that the Capellan Republic replaced the Capellan Holdfast in 2194. The most recent publication is currently being taken as the primary source.[4] This position was confirmed by the BattleTech Line Developer on 13 Feb 2012:


Unless the circumstances dictate otherwise, newer trumps older. Thus, Handbook: House Liao is correct.

Thank you,

Herbert Beas BattleTech Catalyst Game Labs

  — Herbert Beas, Catalyst Game Labs BattleTech Developer, 13 Feb 2012


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