Duncan Stepanov

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Duncan Stepanov
AffiliationCharmed Life
ProfessionMercenary officer

Duncan Stepanov was a Mercenary officer.


Early Years[edit]

Nothing specific is known about his life previous to being a Mercenary. There are rumors that say that he might have been a Maskirovka operative at one time in his past and that for unknown reasons had to resign and enter mercenary work. That, or that he is simply using his Mercenary Company as a smokescreen for actual state-sponsored activities.[1]

Mercenary Days[edit]

He created the Charmed Life mercenary outfit which specialized in discrete operations, like recon, espionage, and light raiding. Most of them for the Capellan Confederation.[1]

Personal Behavior[edit]

Stepanov runs a fairly tight ship, strictly adhering to a personal policy of keeping his and his employers' secrets at any cost (aligned with his alleged past). He has an affable demeanor, which often puts those who interact with him at ease. He is also quick on mind and known for shifting subjects rapidly when conversation steers close to information he feels is restricted.[1]

Death and Legacy[edit]

Stepanov and his unit were sent to reconnoiter Necromo in 3071, after the world had curiously fallen silent. They never returned, and because of the circumstances at the time–Necromo having essentially been wiped out by tremendously damaging asteroid strikes plus the deployment of a bioweapon–it seems certain that they perished.[1]

A follow-up mission was eventually sent, though they were not informed about the fact that the Charming Life had been sent before and hadn't been heard from again either. This second team would encounter "The Broken" on Necromo, a semi-autonomous AI, and The Broken would use snippets of radio communication from Stepanov, usually cut and rearranged, for communication.

Marriage and Children[edit]

He uses phrases like his ex-wife used to do or say as a method of deflection on unwanted questions. There is people that thinks that Stepanov was never married, and that he makes up the yarn specifically to obfuscate.[1]

Character Notes[edit]


Duncan Stepanov was a Veteran-level commander.[1]


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