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| died                =
| died                =
| othernames          =  
| othernames          =  
| affiliation        = [[Capellan Confederation]]--[[Free Capella]]
| affiliation        = [[Capellan Confederation]]<br/>[[Free Capella]]
| profession          =  
| profession          =  
| parents            =  
| parents            =  

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Jacko Diamond
Affiliation Capellan Confederation
Free Capella

Jacko Diamond was the alias of a member of a rebel resistance group on planet Zurich on 3057.

Personal History

When the old Capellan planet of Zurich government fell, following at Operation GUERRERO, a new government would arise, composed by the Zhanzeng de Guang who had been fighting the old government. Lead by Xu Ning, the new government was a tyrannical one, executing hundreds of persons publicly, arresting and torturing more... Almost immediately a resistance was born. The most effective of them was a cell lead by a man who made himself call Dancing Joker, who sign their attacks leaving a poker card of a joker behind.[1]

His success made other groups form, most of them copycat who also sign leaving poker cards. One of them was Jacko Diamond. Jacko received that name for the cards he (or she) leaved behind. A member of the Joker group mentioned "Jacko Diamond is the only one who's any good", affirmation who speaks volumes of his efficiency. Probably, the only effective resistance units on Zurich were Jacko and Joker's.[2] The Dancing Joker itself, when speaking about recruiting more members for his unit, mentioned about recruiting Jacko, but never did it. In fact, with all the ego of the Joker, is very doubtful he will recruit for his group another popular person.[3]

The mystery about who was Jacko, and how can be so effective, was revealed in Tharkad. Then, in a meeting with Katherine Steiner-Davion, Tormano Liao, the leader of Free Capella Movement, recently deposed by Kai Allard-Liao, revealed Jacko was one of his operatives. "He is nos as successful as the Dancing Joker", he admitted.[4] Soon later, Zurich government fell, thanks to the Joker's group attacks, mainly, and the planet returned to Federated Commonwealth control. The destiny and identity of Jacko, or even if he work alone or lead a group, remains a mystery.


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