Paramedic Equipment

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Paramedic Equipment refers to emergency trauma gear more extensive than found in a typical first aid kit, consisting of defibrillators, chemical stimulates and tranquilizers, preserving sleeves, and other medical instruments. In the hands of a Field Medic this gear can save a person's life, which is why it is standard issue on Support Vehicles such as ambulances and rescue vehicles. It is also commonly found on dedicated surgical units like MASH Trucks to allow for a triage station to be set up. Very rarely is this equipment found in dedicated combat units, since most soldiers are taught only the basics of first aid.[1]


Game Rules[edit]

Paramedic Equipment may be mounted on any unit in 0.25 Ton allocations in accordance with standard construction rules except ProtoMechs.[1]

Each instance of the equipment costs 7,500 C-Bills. The Availability Rating is C-C-C.[2]


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