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If you need help or attention to a problem, please find and leave a note to an Admin HERE or for me HERE, and you'll get a response as soon as we can.

About Me

Let's see: I used to be quite active on Heavy Metal's forums when I discovered the value of Rick Raisley's suite of programs (probably around 1999), though my involvement has dropped off in some years. I've lurked on the various incarnations of the official BattleTech boards for longer than that, only recently becoming active in the community (though I've been around long enough to see my post count started three times with the various board wipes). Before that, there was Sarna and the Usenet, though under a different handle. I made my first post on 17 September 2006, and am -as far as I know- the oldest, active registered user on the wiki.

I'm still amazed that I can come here and find things on my own that I can't find (or find easily) elsewhere, as BTW is definitely becoming a valuable member of the CBT community. I would just ask that everyone reference the site as much as feasibly possible in their other BattleTech communities: we need new users (to see what we offer) and we definitely need more new Editors (so that we can push this database up to the 20,000+ articles level sooner than later). (02 August 2011)

  • Probably my most proud BattleTech-related project: The Industrial Tycoon's Handbook (forum), rules developed over years (and once backed-up here on Sarna) on how to build and operate factories within the Inner Sphere. A LOT of input was gathered from members of my now all-but defunct sci-fi forums and from names familiar to those in the BattleTech field (both writers and fans).
  • Current skin preference: Sarna

Conversations to follow (near-term)

My Subpages

List of Important Pages

List of Projects I'm Working On

  • Weeding my List Of Projects I'm Working On
  • Tour/Oversight of the Years pages (checking formatting, making sure entries are properly represented on Year Page; currently on: 2560
  • My Unfinished Book mission: JTP:New Avalon
  • Essay to guide the Project: Planets overhaul.
    • A Gallery of maps to assist in the Ownership History section of the overhaul
  • Proper noun capitalization project
  • Future Discussion Points: Admin access to account deletion; new BTW logo
  • Bot tasks:
    • replace "battles" with "conflicts" on year pages

  • Tags: Plagerism re-write, wiki-break, vote-in-progress, needs cited references, is written in-character
  • Develop Team Assessment Grading Scale (see: [1])
  • Develop Welcome, Advocate, Moderator and Arbitration teams (per BattleTechWiki:Resolving disputes)
  • Work on the BattleTechWiki Policies 'Tree' (*means article complete, no red links):
BattleTechWiki:Five pillars - completed
BattleTechWiki:Resolving disputes
BattleTechWiki:The perfect article - completed
BattleTechWiki:What is an article
Policy:Neutral point of view - completed
BattleTechWiki:How to edit a page
BattleTechWiki:Featured articles
Policy:Talk page
BattleTechWiki:How to rename (move) a page
BattleTechWiki:Patent nonsense
BattleTechWiki:Refactoring talk pages
BattleTechWiki:Requests for comment
BattleTechWiki:Requests for page protection
BattleTechWiki:Arbitration Committee
BattleTechWiki:Arbitration policy
Policy:Three-revert rule
SE User:Revanche/masthead
Cache (Images)
CungrVanck (Data Mining)
Dmon (Dynastic Houses)
Gruese (Mapping)
Iridani (Discord)
Deadfire (Discord)
HF22 (Characters)
Orwell84 (Wars & Operations)
Volt (Coordinates)
mbear - considering role
ClanWolverine101 - active in sparse spurts
Cyc (ComStar) - does not seem enthusiastic for the responsibility
DragonoftheRust - doesn't have any one particular area in which he identifies as an expert (except spelling corrections)
Neuling - no clear target area, no history of proactive communications/assistance
dude.rb and Tumult & Travail both responded they did not have the time for the SE-Products position

Just Gonna Put This Here

Because I can /never/ find it when I need it:

  • From DropShips and JumpShips v. II, p. 60 (p. 144 PDF): Cocoons were developed around (or after) 2453 (v. I, p. 14, p. 16 PDF);
    • cocoons can be fitted with 10 minutes (v. II, p. 24, p. 108 PDF);
    • a cocoon is within a DropPod (v. II, p. 25, p. 109 PDF);
    • cocoons cost 10,000 c-bills (v. II, p. 43, p. 127 PDF);
    • re-entry kits described (v. II, p. 59, p. 143 PDF);
    • DropPods and cocoons appear to have become the same item ("drop cocoon") and have 100 standard-scale points (Strategic Operations, p. 23)
    • Drop Pod
  • Recharge costs (at jump points): Field Manual: Mercenaries (1701), p 157, "Transportation": "Regardless of DropShip type, JumpShips charge 50,000 C-bills per DropShip per jump.[...] JumpShip fees may drop as low as 30,000 C-bills per jump when recharging space stations are available en route.
I interpret this as opening a negotiation roll for jump fees when recharge stations are available, and likewise a roll for higher fees when further away from regularly-scheduled JumpShip routes.
  • columns: <div class="desktop-3-col">
  • different thumbnails: [[Image:thumbnail.jpg|50px|link=File:actualfile.svg]]
    • in a gallery: thumbnail.png|link=File:actualfile.svg|caption
  • Targeted Article improvement contest idea
    • Concept:
      • Article targeted for community action
      • set time period (1 week, 2 weeks)
      • points tallied upon contest conclusion, with "winner" announced
    • Points:
      • 1 point for each additional image brought in (to the article)
      • 2 points for each +1,000 bytes of added content
      • 2 points for each new source


Special Thanks

  • Nicjansma: Our admin and our host. Thanks for doing this, both with Sarna and BattleTechWiki. The latter has already eaten up a lot of my personal time, but its been fun.
  • CJKeys: While I hope BattleTechWiki becomes as big a resource as any for CBT (and its various other incarnations), my faith in its development has been bolstered largely by CJKey's articles for the 'Mechs catagory. They have been well-designed and numerous, which -I think- goes a long way into inspiring others to write similar articles. If it were just Nic and myself at this point, I'd probably feel overwhelmed with what had to be done. Thanks, CJ. (Ed 05Apr2010: This guy really needs to come back.)
  • Scaletail and Frabby: The last few weeks hammering out policies have been very productive. Instead of feeling like I was just generating policies willy-nilly, now I feel as if my POVs are being challenged and changed accordingly. Thanks for the professionalism and willingness to either stick to your guns or give in when necessary. You've really helped build the cornerstone of policies here at BTW.
  • Doneve: If BTW had an engine, Doneve would be it. Point him at would should be an automated task and he plows through all hours. Edit: He will always be missed.
  • 46 active users in previous 30 days prior to 22May2021 opening of discord server; 58 by 22June2021.

Important Milestones

  • 08 September 2006 - The wiki that will become BTW makes its initial appearance.
  • 11 September 2006 - BTW is born.
  • 14 September 2006 - Nic posts on the CBT forums that, "I've converted to a wiki format." I immediately question why BattleTech needs two wikis (hey, I chose sides too quickly!).
  • 17 September 2006 - I make my first edit on BTW: an addition of information on Talitha, my favorite CBT planet.
  • 03 October 2006 - Nic approves my entry for the new design of the Main Page.
  • 04 October 2006 - Nic promotes me to Admin (the first one), to give me greater authority to work on my improvement projects.
  • 24 November 2006 - BTW earns its money with me, when I turn to it first for information on Randis IV.
  • 10 March 2007 - I embark on a Federally-mandated wikibreak.
  • 06 December 2007 - I return from my first significant wikibreak.
  • 01 January 2010 - Easily three years after first contemplating and working on the concept, the Awards project is unveiled. Yay, me!
  • 09 December 2017: Thesis complete and only 22 of 9,780 days left in uniform...maybe more time to write, write, write?
  • January 2020: DAMN if I don't love these new maps. Volt and Gruese...and the entire damn OD/SUCKit team....y'all freakin' rock.
  • 22 May 2021: Community Discord server opens. 430+ members in first 5 days; 594 a month later.
  • 08 September 2021: Sarna's 15th anniversary.
  • 09 September 2021: Operation DONEVE—the redesign of system articles (from planet articles), including updating with Volt-extrapolated coordinates and Gruese styleTM maps—is completed (after 10 years).
  • 17 September 201: My 15th anniversary with Sarna.

Gets me everytime

"Good news, everyone! I've invented a device which makes you read this in your head. In my voice!