Lushann Industries Limited

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Lushann Industries Limited
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Company Logo
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Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Lushann
Primary Products Laser

Lushann Industries Limited (formerly Lushann Industrials Limited) (LIL) is a corporation located on the Outworlds Alliance planet of Lushann, and is a producer of weaponry.


Lushann Industrials Limited has become the primary regional manufacturer of lasers, with a customer base that extends past the Outworlds Alliance, into the Federated Suns. This growth is in large part due to the influence of President Mitchell Avellar, who negotiated an extensive investment partnership with the Draconis Combine. This has led to an agreement with Diverse Optics Incorporated which allows LIL-licensed production of the Sunbeam ER large laser, some of DOI's pulse lasers (including the Magna series) and the Zippo plasma-based flamers.[1]

All of Lushann Industrials' facilities on Lushann are located below ground, which may have played a part in the lack of interest shown by attacking Word of Blake forces during the Jihad. There was considerable concern that the Federated Suns markets may not support future purchases of LIL products, due to the uncertainty of the era. As such, the company has ceased production (but not mothballed) on many of its lines.[1]


By 3067, Chief Executive Officer Grania Llewellyn changed the company's name to Lushann Industries Limited, as a reflection of the opportunities anticipated with the Outworlds Alliance's "Long Road" program. The company's technology exchanges with Taurian companies led to advancements in laser weaponry manufacturing capabilities. The increased markets for these newer products led to their trade for BattleMechs with Robinson Standard BattleWorks.[2][3][4]

Other technological developments had occurred in concert with Clan Snow Raven, such as the Breaching device, a framework of armor-penetrating explosives intended to allow for easier deep-space boardings by marines or rescue personnel.[5] In 3068, a field upgrade kit for the Merlin was another result, allowing the MLN-1C to sport extended range medium lasers.[6] Similarly, by 3075, the collaborative effort resulted in the upgraded HCT-313 Hellcat.[7]

During the Jihad, the plant suffered no personnel losses and was operating at full production in 3079.[8]


Lushann Industries has a manufacturing center on the following planet:


Components produced on Lushann:
Component Type
Breaching Frame[5] a deep-space boarding device, jointly developed with Clan Snow Raven[5]
Magna 200P[1] SGT-8R Sagittaire[9][10]
Magna 600P[1] SGT-8R Sagittaire[9][10]
Magna 900P[1] SGT-8R Sagittaire[9][10]
Lushann Redbeam[11] Seydlitz[11]
Diverse Optics Sunbeam[1][12] OTL-6D Ostsol,[9]
HCT-313 Hellcat[7]
Diverse Optics Type 2[11] Locust, Stinger, Wasp and Lightning[11]
Zippo[11][1] Hunter[11]
Unnamed ER medium laser MLN-1C Merlin field upgrade kit,[6]
HCT-313 Hellcat,[7]
BL-12-KNT Black Knight[4][9]


In 3067, the Chief Executive Officer of Lushann Industries Limited was Grania Llewellyn.


In 3054, the Beta Company, Third Battalion of the Alliance Borderers were tasked with the defense of Lushann Industrials Limited's facilities.[11] By late 3077, this defense was being conducted globally by the Fourth Alliance Air Wing.[1]


  • In Masters and Minions: The StarCorps Dossiers, the company is referred to by its original name. Herb Beas suggests this is not a reversion to "Industrials", but a habitual mistake borne upon the decades-long use of the name.[13]


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