Vessel Profile


The Rubicon was a Monolith-class JumpShip operated by the Lyran Commonwealth. Even after the Commonwealth's merger with the Federated Suns, forming the Federated Commonwealth, the Rubicon remained a House asset and retained its Lyran registry. It displayed the old crest of House Steiner and the Lyran Commonwealth—the clenched fist—on the inside of its jump sail.[1]

On 7 April 3057 the Rubicon carried three Union-class DropShips of the Gray Death Legion (Endeavor, Defiant and Valiant) from Gladius to Caledonia, along with a pair of merchant DropShips.[1]


  • The Rubicon is expressly described as massing 380,000 tons and being capable of carrying nine DropShips, which is in line with the original specifications of the Monolith-class. However, changes to the construction rules for JumpShips later established that only one DropShip could be carried per 50,000 tons of mass, or fraction thereof. The Monolith-class had always been said to have nine hardpoints, and to keep the in-universe information consistent updated Technical Readouts changed the correct mass for this class to 430,000 tons.


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