Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Merchant Carrack
Previous classes Carrack


The Silentshark was one of three Merchant Carrack-class transports to be active within the Spina Khanate of Clan Sea Fox in 3145. The Silentshark was home to Alpha Aimag, under the overall command of ovKhan Ike Hawker.[1]

In 3147 Alpha Aimag interdicted the Regulan Free States to support Jessica Marik's condemnation of Regulan aggression. The Silentshark was assigned to the Harmony system. The Silentshark oversaw the inspection and boarding of all DropShips that came in and out of the system. On January 31 the Regulans, economy in shambles and desperate to end the blockade, attacked the Silentshark and the other Alpha Aimag forces. After an hour long engagement that involved nuclear warheads, the Silentshark and its consorts were victorious. However the nuclear weapons inflicted critical damage on the Silentshark and forced it to retreat to zenith jump point until repairs could be made.[2]



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