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A Vibrabomb


Vibrabombs are special landmines designed to be detonated from the vibrations given off by the footfalls of walking BattleMechs.[1] The mines can be set to variable sensitivities, only reacting to 'Mechs of a certain weight class by exploding directly under them. Their drawback is that the mines are ill-suited for 'Mechs that are significantly lighter or heavier than the set sensitivity. A lighter 'Mech won't set off the mines, while a heavier 'Mech will set off the mines too early to be effective. Vibrabombs are ineffectual against infantry.[2]


Game Notes[edit]

Vibrabombs follow the same rules as conventional mines, with the following exceptions. When placed, Vibrabombs must be set to a specific mass, i.e. 40-tons. If a 'Mech masses 10 tons more or less than the set level, the minefield will not function properly. For 'Mechs of lighter weight, the minefield will not activate; a 30-ton 'Mech will not set off the mines. For 'Mechs heavier than the set limit, the minefield will prematurely detonate at a distance of 1 hex for each full 10 tons the 'Mech is over the set limit; a 60-ton 'Mech will set off the mines when it enters a hex two hexes away.[3]


Item: Mine, Vibrabomb
Equipment Rating: D/B-D-C/E
Armor Piercing/Base Damage: (E)
Cost: 500
Mass: 1kg
Notes: Triggered by Tonnage Setting (See P. 209, Tactical Operations)



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