17th Viper Regulars (Clan Steel Viper)

Clan Steel Viper.jpg
17th Viper Regulars
Unit Profile (as of 3067)
Nickname None
Parent Formation Nu Galaxy


The Seventeenth Viper Regulars had slowly been drawn into a feud with Clan Fire Mandrill during the 3050s while stationed on Marshall. Subsequently it was almost always understrength due to the number of Trials that it fought. It was still stationed on Marshall in 3060. It had the task of defending important Clan assets against attack from other Clan forces, but had also been granted unofficial permission to strike against any forces that its commander considered a treat to Clan security. [1]

By 3067 the cluster had moved to Grant's Station.[2]

The final fate of the Regulars is not known, but they would not have survived the destruction of Nu Galaxy in 3074 or that of Clan Steel Viper in 3075.[3]


In 3061 the Commanding Officer was Star Colonel Glenda.[1] By Star Colonel 3067 Saul Breen had taken command.[2]




Seventeenth Viper Regulars - Regular/Reliable [1]


Seventeenth Viper Regulars - Regular/Reliable [2]

  • 75% full strength



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