1st Regiment (12th Star Guards)

Insignia of the 1st Regiment - 12th Star Guards
Rivers Gamblers
Unit Profile (as of 3050)
DropShips Yes


In 3025 the First was under contract to the Lyran Commonwealth and stationed on New Earth.[1]

When Clan Jade Falcon attacked Steelton in April 3050 the planet's commander falsely claimed to possess a much larger force during the Batchall. The Falcons therefore hit the planet with two Clusters and the Steelton Defence Brigade was quickly overrun. The First held a perimeter around Red Stain Rock, but at great cost. Their Colonel was killed and only a battalion escaped the fighting.[2]

The survivors made it off planet and escaped to Wotan to join the remnant of their sister unit, the Second Regiment. The Falcons hit the planet in June 3050 and the Guards attempted to fight them off alongside the Wotan TMM. Colonel Pierce-Marinetti of the Second co-ordinated a series of small unit actions until he was killed in an airstrike after which the defenders were easily defeated.[3]


In 3025 the First was commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Albert Rivers. [1] In 3050 the commanding officer was Colonel Charles Francis Carranza.[4]


Composition History[edit]


First Regiment (Regiment/Veteran/Reliable)


First Regiment (Regiment/Veteran/Reliable)[5]


First Regiment (Regiment/Veteran/Reliable)[4]




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