3rd St. Ives Lancers

Third St. Ives Lancers
Unit Profile (as of 3145)
Nickname The Gae Bolg
Parent Formation St. Ives Armored Cavalry


Early History[edit]

The Third St. Ives Lancers were stationed on St. Ives in 2765. The Third Lancers had been destroyed four times by 2765, but each time they were destroyed they killed the commander of enemy forces.[1]

Dark Age[edit]

The Third St. Ives Lancers were reformed during the Dark Age era. The new unit fielded significantly more OmniMechs than the average CCAF regiment, and in particular deployed the highest number of the new Vandal OmniMech of any Liao command.[2]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 3rd St. Ives Lancers
Sang-shao Tao Beauclerk 3145[3]


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Composition History[edit]


Third St. Ives Lancers (Regular/Reliable)[1]


3rd St. Ives Lancers (Regular/Reliable)[3]

  • CO: Sang-shao Tao Beauclerk

3rd Air Lancers (Regular/Questionable)[3]

  • CO: Kong-zhong-shao Zaire Chattan

86th Armored Lancers (Green/Reliable)[3]

  • CO: Zhong-shao Robin Lindo-Fuentes

14th Armored Grenadiers (Regular/Reliable)[3]

  • CO: Zhong-shao Linn Rush


The crest of the third displays three rearing and crowned horses, arranged in an inverted triangle formation.[2]


Game Rules[edit]


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