Addicks Protectorate Militia

Addicks Protectorate Militia
Unit Profile (as of 3075)
Parent Formation Word of Blake Protectorate Militia
Disbanded 3077

Unit Brief[edit]

The Addicks Protectorate Militia is one of the many militias raised by Word of Blake to defend the Word of Blake Protectorate. The unit was deployed in Addicks.


As Addicks did not willingly join the Protectorate, it quicky developed a strong, anti-Blakist underground operation, centered around the core of survivors of the Addicks Draconis March Militia that started striking at Blakist targets and their supporters. Precentor Hawley Shay tried cracking down on the resistance, only to cause a backlash against the Protectorate.

When his field commanders failed to crack the resistance, Shay met several of his commanders face to face, and in order to keep the resistance off-balance, Shay traveled to each location by air, sea and rail.

On the 13 April 3075 was able to capture one of Mechwarriors that belonged to the precentor's personal escort. The information they got from him prepared the resistance for their next action. On the 17 June 3075, while Precentor Shy was returning to Saint Randall, his train was attacked in Cassim Plains by forces of the Addicks resistance force. The resistance lost five 'Mechs and vehicles while destroying four of the six escorts. The rebels had destroyed part of the rail line to prevent the train from escaping, and caused the train to derail, destroying it. But Shay escaped. At the last rail station, he had switched to a VTOL and escaped the attack.

Four months, on the 22 October 3075, the Precentor was killed after that attack an unknown sniper got him with a difficult shot while he was visiting the Johnston Industries factory on planet. The resistance has denied they were the ones behind it.[1]

Addicks was liberated by April 3077, by troops fighting as a part of Group IV of the Federated Suns front of Operation SCOUR, led by Khan Phelan Kell of Clan Wolf in Exile. Addicks was one of four planets which made up the first wave of the Federated Suns campaign,[2] and the campaign to liberate Addicks was actually brought forward by a month due to the success the 12th Vegan Rangers had during their recon raid on Addicks in early 3077, where the Rangers nearly routed the Blakist defenders on their own.[3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Addicks Protectorate Militia
Precentor Hawley Shay 3075[1]



Composition History[edit]



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