Asgard (Individual Fortress-class DropShip)

Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Fortress

The Asgard was a Fortress-class DropShip serving as the headquarters ship for the Duke of Skye's regiment of Huscarles. By 3056, it was the only Fortress-class ship known to exist within the Isle of Skye.[1]

When Duke Richard Steiner joined the Skye separatists in the Second Skye Rebellion, the Asgard served as the flagship of General-Kommandant Friedrich Wilhelm von Bulow's attack force that was sent against Glengarry. It was carried from Skye to Glengarry's nadir jump point by the JumpShip Götterdämmerung on 1 April 3056.[2]

The Asgard had arrived in planetary orbit around Glengarry by 7 April,[3] but as attempts to establish a bridgehead on the planet's surface dragged on, it remained in orbit through 11 April.[4]


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