Götterdämmerung (Individual Star Lord-class JumpShip)

Vessel Profile
Type JumpShip
Class Star Lord

The Star Lord-class JumpShip Götterdämmerung served as the flagship of General-Kommandant Wilhelm Friedrich von Bulow when he led Skye separatist forces against Glengarry in April 3056 as part of the Second Skye Rebellion, jumping off from the zenith jump point in the Skye system.[1]

One of the DropShips docked to the Götterdämmerung at the time was the Fortress-class DropShip Asgard; von Bulow transferred his flag to that DropShip just prior to the jump.[2] Another was the Leopard CV-class carrier DropShip Merkur.[3]


  • The Götterdämmerung is consistently misspelled "Gotterdämmerung" (without the diaeresis on the "o") most of the time throughout the novel Blood of Heroes, though it is spelled correctly in at least on instance (on p. 64).
  • The jump made by the Götterdämmerung from Skye to Glengarry is noteworthy because it seems to exceed the maximum jump range of thirty lightyears, indicating that the actual threshold is slightly higher.


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