Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Leopard CV


The Merkur was a Leopard CV-class DropShip operated by Skye separatists in the Second Skye Rebellion, under the command of Weltallkommandant Otto Jaeger. It took part in the attack on Glengarry, carried from Skye to Glengarry's nadir jump point by the JumpShip Götterdämmerung on 1 April 3056. In accordance with a plan dubbed "Operation Blackout", the Merkur was detached from the Götterdämmerung and sent to destroy the Gray Death Legion's JumpShip Gray Skull[1] However, the Gray Death Legion's DropShip Antelope intercepted the Merkur in a hopeless battle that nevertheless bought the JumpShip precious time to escape. The Merkur and its squadron of six Lucifer aerospace fighters destroyed or at least disabled the Antelope in the short, brutal engagement.[2]

The fighters were subsequently ordered to destroy the JumpShip (as opposed to capturing it) to their pilots' shock, but engaged as ordered. Four of the six fighters were destroyed when the Gray Skull jumped out in the nick of time, having suffered only minor damage.[3]

The two remaining fighters were subsequently assigned to combat duty in the fight for the planet, though it is unclear if they were still stationed on the Merkur by that time.


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