Asuncion Escape Suit

Asuncion Escape Suit


The Asuncion Escape Suit is a full-body escape suit, also known as a skinsuit, able to provide protection against vacuum conditions. Introduced by Asuncion Industries in 3064, the suit is made of ballistic fibers with a pullover hood and removable faceplate. Compared to other vacuum suits, the skinsuit does not inhibit the wearer's mobility, being no more difficult to move around in than typical cold weather gear. It offers no protection against physical attacks though, and the lack of temperature control features means the suit can only protect the wearer from vacuum or extreme temperatures for about twenty minutes.[1]

After its introduction, the Asuncion skinsuit became a common item among spaceship and orbital habitat crews. It won praise from the Capellan Navy, and was rumored to become its standard issue undress uniform.[1]



Item: Asuncion Escape Suit[2]
Equipment Ratings: D/X-X-E/C
BAR (M/B/E/X): 0/0/0/0
Cost: 350
Weight: 3kg
Affiliation: CC
Notes: Ignore -2 modifier in vacuum; maximum duration in vacuum/extreme temperatures: 20 minutes


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