Athene Combat School

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Athene Combat School
Academy Information
Location Atreus
Founding Year 2760s
Course Information
Infantry ca. 2765+

The Athene Combat School was a provincial school within the Free Worlds League established during the Star League era.


The Athene Combat School (ACS) was established on Atreus in the 2760s. The founding of the ACS was one of the steps taken by the Dormuth Council to deal with the high recruitment numbers seen in colleges, academies and militia training centers across the Free Worlds League, and the ACS was one of three major new schools founded within a relatively short period of time - the other two being the Calloway Martial College on Calloway VI and the Humphreys School of Warfare on Kanata.[1]

The majority of those recruited during this surge in recruitment were likely to ultimately end up serving in one of the many specialities of infantry. With this in mind, the ACS was established to be the only military college within the Free Worlds League to concentrate on providing training to infantry. In 2765 it was predicted that the first class would graduate from the school in 2767.[1]



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