Austen-Armstrong Industries

Austen-Armstrong Industries (AARMS) is a weapons manufacturer comprised of two smaller companies that merged in 3044.


Before their merger in 3044, Austen Vale Ordnance (located in the city of Karun on Abadan) and Armstrong Industries (located in the City of Villafranca on Bainsville) were collectively two of the most preeminent manufacturers of Ballistic Long Arms, Missile Based Long Arms, and Energy Based Long Arms in the Free Worlds League.[citation needed]

After the merger, the two companies used their expertise to work out the bugs in each others designs, the A2 models of the weapons are the mainstays of the modern Free Worlds League Military. AARMS and LCCC have recently worked together closely to develop several new Support Weapons and Rifles. Austen-Armstrong Industries is looking at breaking into the Small Arms market in the future.


Austen-Armstrong Industries has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


Weapons were planned to be produced on Abadan in the Austen Vale Ordnance plant located in the city of Karun. The Word of Blake had promised funding to the company for a small arms plant to come online in 3083, but the actions of Operation SCOUR resulted in these plans coming to naught.[1]


Weapons produced in the Armstrong Industries plant located in the City of Villafranca on Bainsville.

Components produced on Bainsville:
Component Type
Sniper Artillery Piece  ????
Long Tom Rifle  ????


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