Azure Cloud

Azure Cloud
Vessel Profile
Type JumpShip


The Azure Cloud was a JumpShip in service with Clan Ghost Bear in the late thirty-first century. The CGB Azure Cloud was responsible for evacuating personnel from Strana Mechty in the wake of the violence and chaos that erupted following newly-elected ilKhan Brett Andrews' declaration that Bloodnames associated with the invading Clans or those who had participated in the Great Refusal would be subject to Trials of Reaving.[1]

Loremaster Laurie Tseng of the Ghost Bears decried the Trials of Reaving as a twisted distortion of Clan law, effectively accurately predicting what would happen; the Loremaster was one of those who survived the initial wave of violence to escape on the Azure Cloud, although Galaxy Commander Benjamin Snuka sacrificed himself in combat to allow the Loremaster and others to escape. Another notable figure to escape on the Ghost Bear DropShips that rendezvoused with the Azure Cloud was Loremaster Kael Pershaw of Clan Jade Falcon, who had negotiated transport away from Strana Mechty with Loremaster Tseng prior to evacuating; Pershaw and the entirety of the Jade Falcon enclave were able to make it to the Ghost Bear ships and then the Azure Cloud after Pershaw defeated Star Colonel Thomas Andrews in single combat.[1]


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