Bikini Atoll

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Bikini Atoll (not to be confused with the Blair Atholl system) is the codename for an uninhabited "star system" consisting of a lone white star circled by an asteroid belt with almost limitless raw materials but without any planets. It is located in the Draconis Reach.[1]

The Bikini Atoll system appears on Star League starmaps because the SLDF once used it for testing mass drivers between 2720 and the Amaris Coup. All facilities were stripped and the system abandoned on the eve of Operation Exodus.[1]

By 3099 the Draconis Combine had stationed its factory starships Ryū and Yamato in the Bikini Atoll system with their escorts. When Clan Ghost Bear learned of this, they dispatched the Leviathan-class Rasalhague, accompanied by six stars of Pocket WarShips and aerospace fighter carrier DropShips. These forces entered the Bikini Atoll system on 18 December 3099 and destroyed the factory ships and their escorts in short order.[1]


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