Blake's Heir

Blake's Heir
Vessel Profile
Type JumpShip


The Blake's Heir was a Com Guard JumpShip of unspecified class featuring at least one Docking Ring; ambiguous wording implies that it has exactly one (in turn suggesting it to be of Scout or Magellan class), but this remains uncertain.[1]

After a mercenary unit was convicted on Outreach in 3054 of having destroyed the Hyperpulse Generator on Berenson during their latest mission while in ComStar employ, the ComStar representative on Outreach (Precentor Merideth Ambridge) arranged for the Blake's Heir to spirit the mercenaries back to Berenson to investigate the situation and possibly prove their innocence in what she believed was a setup aimed at tarnishing ComStar's reputation. The ship's commander, Precentor Mark Bremmer, openly told the mercenaries that he could not be caught in that sector, and that he would not send help and would leave them if they ran into problems and could not return to his ship.[1]


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