Blow/Hookson Technologies

Blow/Hookson Technologies
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) New Earth
Primary Products Aerospace Fighter

Blow/Hookson Technologies was a military supplier for the Star League.


Blow/Hookson Technologies developed the Zero light AeroSpace Fighter for the Star League. They also produced a large and medium laser. Their New Earth factory was destroyed in 2775.[1]


Blow/Hookson has a manufacturing center on the following planet:

New Earth[edit]

Components produced on New Earth:[1]
Component Type
Aerospace Fighter
ZRO-114 Zero[1] Light Aerospace Fighters
Saroyan Cavalier Zero[1]
Fusion Engine
Bangkock 140 Zero[1]
Armor - Aerospace Fighters & Conventional Aircraft
Slab Panzer V Zero[1]
Communications System
Orbitcom Model 11 Zero[1]
Targeting-Tracking System
PS/1/12 Zero[1]
Medium Laser
BLW Blow Mark II Zero[1]
Large Laser
BLW Blow Mark III Zero[1]


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