Falconer's Glove Quarte

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Falconer's Glove Quarte
Vessel Profile
Type JumpShip
Class Star Lord


During Operation REVIVAL the Star Lord-class JumpShip Falconer's Glove Quarte was a part of the Clan Jade Falcon touman, and was serving as the CJF Falconer's Glove Quarte within the Jade Falcon Naval Reserve in 3053. The Jade Falcon Naval Reserve was a part of the Turkina Keshik under the overall command of Star Commodore Vishu Folkner. The Falconer's Glove Quarte was assigned to the Naval Command Star of the Jade Falcon Naval Reserve, which was commanded by Star Commodore Nicholas Von Jankmon under the callsign CR Perch A, and was serving alongside a sister ship, Falconer's Glove Seconde and four other JumpShips: the Monolith-class JumpShip Falconry Prime and the Invader-class JumpShips Falconer's Perch Prime, Falconer's Perch Seconde and Falconer's Perch Quinte.[1]


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