Capella War College

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Capella War College is the oldest academy for military studies in the Capellan Confederation. The facility is at the top of modern learning like the Sian University. The normal studies include a wide range of theory and physical drill take a second place. Philosophies like the Lorix Order are taught also.[1]


The institute demands the most from its applicants. The academic studies includes special courses for small unit operations and combined arms operations. Students who shows excellent skills as technicians can visit local production facilities for further learning. The academy's own training cadre includes a company each of 'Mechs, infantry, aerospace fighters and armor. In most cases it acts as parade unit.[1]

Special Notes[edit]

Every six months the College graduates a new class of cadets. The local citizens take this for an opportunity for holidays. Graduates enter service with the elite units from the Capellan Hussars.[1]


The Capella War College trains MechWarriors, Aerospace Fighter pilots, DropShip and JumpShip crewmembers, vehicle crews, and armored and unarmored infantry units. They frequently cross-train with the Duchy RTC on Capella, allowing those students to understand the combined arms philosophy that the CCAF prefers.[2]


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