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History & Description[edit]

The Capella Commonality is the so called "bedrock" of the Capellan Confederation. For most of its history it was a peaceful internal region it was only until the Fourth Succession War that transformed it into a heavily fortified border commonality. The war made its citizens fearful of the resumed FedCom invasion,a fear that might have been realized had it not been the Clan Invasion.[1]

Afterwards with the formation of the Liao Commonality, the Commonality had much of the border duties away even though many troops still rotate coreward or to one of the borders. So many years of regarding the planets of the Liao Commonality as enemy worlds have made it difficult for some older citizens to adjust to seeing them as trusting.[1]

The a citizen of the Capella Commonality regards themselves as proud due to their place in the Confederation hierarchy, and in their view, they are guardians of the homeworld of the Confederation (Capella).[1]

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