Cosmetic Enhancements


Cosmetic Enhancements are forms of plastic surgery used to alter and enhance a person's appearance. While these enhancements can be easily found in the civilian sector, within the Manei Domini these are one of the most prevalent and inexpensive of enhancements available to all agents and are used for a variety of covert operations. By correcting natural defects and enhancing the human form, an agent can increase their attractiveness to almost superhuman levels and use their appearance to infiltrate a group or seduce a target. Alternatively the surgery can produce grotesque body modifications which engenders fear and shock on appearance, frightening targets and inducing looser lips with far less torture than normally required.[1]


In RPG play Cosmetic Enhancements come in two forms and only one can be used on an agent. Beauty Enhancements adds +1 CHA, grants the Attractive Trait and -1 TN modifier for Negotiation and Seduction checks. Horror Enhancements subtracts -1 CHA, grants the Unattractive Trait and -2 TN modifier for Interrogation and Intimidation checks. In addition Horror Enhancements may be combined with prosthetic limbs cosmetically enhanced for intimidation although the effect does not stack. These enhancements have no effect in CBT play.[1]


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