Nimbus III

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Nimbus III
Vessel Profile
Type DropShip (DropShuttle)
Class Clippership IV (modified; arguably a prototype Clippership V)


The Nimbus III was a DropShip notable for having been involved in the first successful test of a Docking Collar in 2458. In a way, it was the very first "DropShip" as opposed to the DropShuttles that had previously been carried in internal shuttle bays on primitive JumpShips.

Owned and operated by Deimos Clipperships of Mars, the DCS Nimbus III was a Clippership IV DropShuttle modified with a prototype docking collar. It was successfully mated externally with the first modern JumpShip, the Liberty-class BNS Olympus, which then executed a successful jump, proving the first dropship collars and K-F Booms.[1] The Olympus/Nimbus III was the culmination of a collaborative technology programme involving Blue Nose Interstellar Technologies, the Department of Theoretical Physics at Mars University and half a dozen aerospace manufacturing companies, and she revolutionised interstellar travel.[1]

Within a decade of the successful jump, Deimos Clipperships produced the Clippership V class which was essentially a model IV with a docking collar;[2] the Nimbus III could thus arguably be described as the first, prototype Clippership V type vessel.


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