Vessel Profile
Type JumpShip
Class Invader (modified)

The Ellyohippus was an Invader-class JumpShip,[1] modified to feature a Lithium-Fusion Battery. It apparently retained at least two of the design's original three docking hardpoints despite the modification.

In 3057, the Ellyohippus was used by the Draconis Combine to run the Clan Smoke Jaguar blockade of the Wolcott system. It would jump to a pirate jump point, deploy its DropShips, and then quickly jump back out by means of the LF battery system without deploying its jump sail.

When the mercenary Black Thorns' DropShip Bristol was brought to Wolcott by the Ellyohippus in this fashion, two other DropShips were bound for the pirate jump point.[2] This strongly implies they were both supposed to be moved out on the Ellyohippus and thereby that the Ellyohippus featured at least two functional hardpoints. However, it is theoretically also possible that there was a second unmentioned JumpShip operating alongside the Ellyohippus.


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