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Unit Profile (as of Twenty-ninth century)
CO Jur Sturlaugson

Ever-Free was a mercenary unit associated with the Federated Suns, circa the early- to mid-twenty-ninth century.[1]


Ever-Free, as detailed in Father Ryan Ramon's True Tales and Popular Stories (3010), was a mercenary unit formed by two former Combine "Unproductives", Jur Sturlaugson and Katrina Reban. The two had been forced to serve in the "Chain Gang Missions" and it was on their first (and only) mission to Udibi that they 'found' each other. Their plight came to the attention of the planet's defenders when Sturlaugson suddenly appeared and took a PPC strike intended for Reban. Following their Federated Suns naturalization (as granted by Prince Paul Davion), they both served in the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns, before forming Ever-Free. The unit sported a broken chain as their symbol and became an element of the popular history of the Davion state.[1]



  • Details, such as specific years, are lacking in canon resources at present.
  • Sturlaugson must have had quite a few years on Reban, as she was noted to be 28 years old at the time of the Udibi raid (which had to have occurred in 2825 or later), while he had refused orders to participate in the Kentares Massacre (as a Talon Sergeant), indicating he had achieved his majority by 2796 or earlier.
  • As True Tales and Popular Stories indicates "they formed their own mercenary unit", it is presumed they were both officers within Ever-Free. Due to his prior military service and her apparent lack of it before serving on the Chain Gang mission (she was a prostitute for most of her life), it is presumed he was the commanding officer.


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