Evette Sorenson

Evette Sorenson
Born 3051
Affiliation House Sorenson
Parents Daniel Sorenson (father)
Julie Isesaki (mother)

Evette Sorenson (b. 3051 - d. 3???) was a Draconis Combine MechWarrior, whom is also the the daughter of Daniel Sorenson, the famed DCMS unit commander[1] and Julie Isesaki.


Born in 3051 she was raised hearing about the heroic actions of her father. Her interest in military history and BattleMechs was so strong that she was able to graduate with honors from the Sun Zhang Academy. Her skills were so good that she landed a place in the command lance of the 1st Sword of Light.

During the fierce fighting on Al Na'ir she showed the same capabilities as her father. Evette saved her commander and allowed a Ryuken unit to get in place to win the day. She lost her mother, Julie Isesaki, to the Word of Blake's assault on Isesaki in 3076 and sought revenge on the members of that organization.[1]



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