Faith Publishing Alliance

Faith Publishing Alliance is a loose collection of Free Worlds League-based religious publishers.[1]

Company Profile[edit]

League Stock Market Symbol: Unlisted[1]

Main Locations: Atreus City (Atreus), Pireus (New Olympia), Cadiz (Oriente)[1]

President/CEO: None[1]


Faith Publishing Alliance was formed in the mid-3050s by religious publishers across the entire spectrum to combat what its members called "a decline in society's spiritual values". The alliance includes Cormorant Press of New Olympia, Spire Books of Oriente as well as more fringe groups like the Atreus-based White Dove Publications. The Alliance puts out a sizable and stunning array of religious material, including twenty-seven different translations of the Bible, Koran, and Vedas, along with numerous academic papers on faith and religion.[1]

Sadly the Alliance's more extreme and radical elements have attracted the greatest public attention, whether espousing primacy of specific faiths over others or sensational and lurid tales of the supernatural. The negative press these elements have brought down upon the group by 3067 had led some of its more mainstream publishers, especially those associated with the major faiths, to question the Alliance's long-term value.[1]


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