File talk:The Barrens 3130 and the Rim Worlds Republic 2750.png

Please note that this map is two images overlaid on each other for demonstration purposes; the intent was to determine whether systems that appear on the Map of the Inner Sphere 3130 with names not shown on previous maps were systems from the former Rim Worlds Republic with new names. The RWR source map can be found on p. 25 of Handbook: Major Periphery States.

By overlaying the two maps and scaling each until common reference points line up, it should be possible to suggest whether or not systems have been renamed; as can be seen in this map, 29 Inner Sphere systems with unchanged names match precisely, as do 11 periphery systems. The Treeline system was renamed Winfield in canon.

Based on the composite map, the systems of Drask's Den, The Rock, and Ferris appear to post-date the Republic, although the Ferris system is relatively close to the former Taran's World system. The system listed on the 3130 map as Von Strang's World appears to match precisely with the former RWR system of Erin.

Also shown on the map are 11 former RWR systems such as Ichmandu, New Ålborg and Renren that do not appear on maps after the 3rd Succession War. The Sigurd system has vanished from the map in the 3130 era despite being present at least as recently as 3025 according to Handbook: House Steiner, p. 47.BrokenMnemonic 13:11, 8 August 2011 (UTC)