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BattleTech Wiki Administrator I was made an admin on 02 Jan 2014, which I still haven't managed to get used to yet.

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I started playing BattleTech back in the very early 90s, although I can't say with hand on heart whether it was the Crescent Hawks' Inception that lead me to the Fourth Succession War Atlas and BattleTech in general, or whether the Fourth Succession War Atlas led me to the Crescent Hawks' Inception, but between the two I ended up buying a fair number of the sourcebooks before heading off to university. It was at university that I had the chance to play pretty regularly, and I ended up running a mercenary campaign for a group of players for a couple of years. It was at university that I heard about the Clans from players who had more access to shops selling BattleTech material than I did, and my initial reactions to the introduction of the Clans were... well, negative. I'd probably have reacted better if there'd been a balancing mechanism introduced at the time, but BV didn't exist from what I remember, and even back in 1994 there were munchkins on the internet who liked to boast about how their hyper-tuned Clan ERML/LPL Mechs were awesome and they were the best players in the known universe. It's because of that I found myself preferring to play in the 3005-3039 era, although I ended up mostly reading and not playing when I left university and didn't have regular access to a gaming group.

In recent years I've come back into contact with BattleTech and the new timeline largely through contacts in local gaming clubs and the Army Wargames Association; I don't get the chance to play much, but I realised I was enjoying finding out what had been happening in the timeline, and with various sourcebooks being discounted online from BattleCorps and DriveThruRPG in .pdf format I've been doing a lot of reading lately. I'm not overly comfortable with the Jihad timeline, but I really like that past eras such as the War of 3039, the 31st century Ronin Wars, Marik Civil War and Andurien Secession and more recently the Age of War and Reunification War are being developed in detail.

I've been quietly active on the CBT forums for a few months now, and I've seen repeated references to the BT wiki over there, so I've been ducking in here to read whenever someone talks about subjects I know little about. My work involves a certain amount of copy editing, and although I'm not a professional editor or copy editor I do have a reasonable eye for detail; I've found myself making some minor corrections to pages here to tidy up spelling, grammar, typos and the odd broken link, and I thought that it would probably be polite to actually create a profile here so I can be gripped if I'm stepping on any toes. I really like the idea of the BT wiki as a free resource for everyone from new players to old lags like myself, and while I don't have a great deal of spare time lately, I feel much less guilty about using the Wiki so much if I'm also helping a little with it. BrokenMnemonic 14:00, 11 July 2011 (UTC)


I've lost internet access at work, and the next few weeks are very busy due to the convention I'm helping run in the summer.

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Reduced presence until mid-February

Things I've Discovered Since Joining[edit]

  • You can never have too many citations.
  • Just when you think you've found all the releveant maps, another one will leap out to surprise you.
  • Writing a complete article for a mercenary unit that's been around since the original House books takes about four hours.
  • Finding all the references for a mercenary unit that's been around since the original House books takes about two days and involves a stack of books falling on you at least once.

Current Projects[edit]

  • Update all planets articles to phase 5/7 for the Planets Project. 1,252/3,217 done (38.9%)
  • Redo the system table for Bella I, which is currently reporting a system in the Outworlds Alliance.
  • Use the founding maps in the Handbooks to update the history of each world shown, not just the worlds within the named nations (inhabited world tag)
  • Update the owner history of Terran Alliance/Terran Hegemony worlds.
  • Category:Sources needing updates - to hopefully give Mbear a little moral support
  • The Reunification War:
  • Articles for the outstanding MAF/RWA/RRF/SLDF minor personalities
  • The Taurian Concordat campaign
  • Add notes on Operation ARDENT SHIELD
  • Project: Planets
  • All pages with more than just a name and neighbouring systems pic to get an infobox
  • New template to be agreed by someone senior than me
  • New template to be rolled out across all articles - ongoing
  • All articles to gain the new format neighbouring planets table
  • The Jihad
  • Timeline of truth is complete - work through each book to add the additional detail from individual articles
  • Dawn of the Jihad
  • Jihad Hot Spots: 3070
  • Mercenaries Supplemental Update
  • Jihad Hot Spots: 3072
  • Jihad Conspiracies: Interstellar Players 2
  • Jihad Secrets: The Blake Documents
  • Jihad Hot Spots: 3076
  • Masters and Minions: The StarCorps Dossiers
  • Jihad Hot Spots: Terra
  • Jihad: Final Reckoning
  • Add in missing Merc units from MSU
  • TROs
  • Ensure all unit/planet fluff from the TRO:3145 series is added to the appropriate articles and year pages (someone else can do the characters!):
  • TRO: 3145 Mercenaries - Done
  • TRO: 3145 Capellan Confederation
  • TRO: 3145 Clans - Moratorium
  • TRO: 3145 Draconis Combine
  • TRO: 3145 Federated Suns
  • TRO: 3145 Free Worlds League
  • TRO: 3145 Lyran Commonwealth
  • TRO: 3145 (print) - would need to actually buy the book first
  • Liberation of Terra I
  • Liberation of Terra II

Past Work[edit]

Edits I'm proud of include:

Military Units[edit]


  • Paul Marik - my go-to template for minor character articles



Ask The Writer/Developer Questions[edit]

Errata to check[edit]

  • FM:3085, p. 117, Epsilon Galaxy, Clermond vs Clermont
  • FR:C, p. 9, Alva/Alya

Questions to Ask[edit]

  • Is the New Hope Military Academy on Erod's Escape (Obj: Periphery, p. 14) the same facility as the Calderon Institute of Combat opened on Erod's Escape in 3084 (FM:3145, p. 189)?
  • FM:3145 (p.189) lists a "Coalition Armor Inc." as a major defense company in the Filtvelt Coalition; TRO: 3145 lists a "Coalition Armory Inc." (Hound entry) - which is correct?

Outstanding Questions That Relate To Sarna[edit]

Answered/Resolved Questions That Relate To Sarna[edit]

References From Other People[edit]

Minor Non-Mercenary Units[edit]

Ship Prefixes[edit]

System History Owner Records[edit]

  1. Historical: Reunification War, p. 158-159, "Inner Sphere - 2596"
  2. Era Report: 2750, p. 36-37, "Inner Sphere - 2750"
  3. Historical: Liberation of Terra Volume 1, p. 10-11, "Inner Sphere - 2765"
  4. First Succession War, p. 24-25, "Inner Sphere - [2786]"
  5. Historical: Liberation of Terra Volume 2, p. 122-123, "Inner Sphere - 2822"
  6. First Succession War, p. 112-113, "Inner Sphere - 2822"
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  9. Era Report: 3052, p. 22-23, "Inner Sphere Map [3052]"
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  14. Jihad: Final Reckoning, p. 62-63, "Inner Sphere - March 3081"
  15. Field Manual: 3085, p. VII, "Inner Sphere Map - [October 3085]"
  16. Map of the Inner Sphere 3130
  17. Era Report: 3145, p. 10-11, "Inner Sphere Map - [3135]"
  18. Era Report: 3145, p. 38-39, "Inner Sphere Map - [3145]"
  19. Field Manual: 3145, p. VI, "Inner Sphere - 3145"

CGL Forum Quotes[edit]

Currently, the Quote object on Sarna doesn't work with native links from the Catalyst Game Labs forums. This is a particular problem when attempting to incorporate quotes from the forums to highlight errata or statements made that are canonical, but not drawn directly from sourcebooks. These are the changes that need to be made to restore the functionality of direct links inside Quote objects.

The standard format for attributed quotes is:

{{Quote|Quote Text|[hyperlink Name of Source, Date of Quote]}}

The current format of hyperlinks from direct links on the Catalyst is:

To turn that html link into a format that works on Sarna, replace index.php?topic with index.php/topic - changing the question mark to an oblique - and replace topic=9040.msg209218#msg209218 with topic,9040.msg209218.html#msg209218 - changing the equals sign after topic to a comma, and inserting .html after the first msg tag, before the gate. That changes the example above to:,9040.msg209218.html#msg209218

Awards History[edit]


12 Jul 2011: Substantial Addition Award (Revanche) - Always Faithful
20 Jul 2011: Casual Edit Award (Frabby)
26 Jul 2011: Edits Award (100)
28 Jul 2011: Edits Award (200)
29 Jul 2011: Edits Award (300)
30 Jul 2011: Edits Award (400)
31 Jul 2011: All Purpose Award (Doneve) (Work done on planets)
31 Jul 2011: Edits AWard (500)
04 Aug 2011: Surreal Award (Revanche)
09 Aug 2011: Edits Award (1000)
09 Aug 2011: Vandal Cop Award (Frabby)
11 Aug 2011: Time In service Award (1 month)
17 Aug 2011: Vandal Cop Award (2nd ribbon) (Revanche)
18 Aug 2011: All Purpose Award (2nd Ribbon) (Revanche) (helping out a confused newbie)
21 Aug 2011: Edits Award (1500)
25 Aug 2011: All Purpose Award (3rd Ribbon) (Neufeld) (highlighting Documents category)
07 Sep 2011: Edits Award (2000)
28 Sep 2011: Vandal Cop Award (3rd Ribbon) (Mbear?)
11 Oct 2011: Time In Service Award (3 months)
12 Oct 2011: All Purpose Award (4th Ribbon) (Doneve) (Historical: Reunification War updated to Outworlds Alliance planets)
10 Nov 2011: Good Article Award (Mbear) (The Pitcairn Legion)
25 Nov 2011: All Purpose Award (5th Ribbon) (Doneve) (Historical: Reunification War minor characters and articles)


11 Jan 2012: Time In Service Award (6 months) (backdated)
16 Jan 2012: Edits Award (4000)
19 Jan 2012: Random Act of Appreciation Award (ClanWolverine101) (Work on SLDF Brigades from Historical: Reunification War)
11 Feb 2012: Founders Honourable Mention Award (2011)
18 Feb 2012: Good Article Award (2nd Ribbon) (Revanche) (SLDF Task Force Outworlds, although I feel guilty about bringing that one up)
18 Feb 2012: Random Act of Appreciation Award (2nd Ribbon) (Doneve) (Work on adding new planets)
19 Feb 2012: Edits Award (5000)
24 Feb 2012: All Purpose Award (6th Ribbon) (Doneve) (Adding the Hanseatic League and Nueva Castile worlds to Sarna)
11 Apr 2012: Time In Service Award (9 months)
24 Jun 2012: Good Conduct Award (Frabby) (The Potatoe Incident)
28 Jun 2012: All Purpose Award (7th Ribbon) (Doneve) (The Wyrm mobile structure article)
11 Jul 2012: Time In Service Award (1 year) - ca. 7136
29 Jul 2012: Edits Award (7500)
15 Oct 2012: Edits Award (10000)
26 Nov 2012: Random Act of Appreciation Award (3rd Ribbon) (Mbear) (Helping with the Updates Needed list)
30 Nov 2012: Casual Edit Award (2nd Award) (Frabby)


09 Jan 2013: Random Act of Appreciation Award (4th Ribbon) (ClanWolverine101) (Helping Doneve out with planetary flags)
18 Jan 2013: Random Act of Appreciation Award (5th Ribbon) (Doneve) (Big update to the New Syrtis planet article)
16 Mar 2013: Founder's Superior Writer of the Year Award
22 Mar 2013: Casual Edit Award (3rd Award) (ClanWolverine101) (Quick edits to Brett Andrews)
28 Mar 2013: Vandal Cop Award (4th ribbon) (Frabby) (The ClanJadeFalcon incident)
07 Apr 2013: Substantial Addition Award (2nd ribbon) (Doneve) (Being quirky)
11 Jul 2013: Time In Service Award (2 Years) - ca. 14,240.
21 Jul 2013: Substantial Addition Award (3rd ribbon) (Doneve) (Owner history updates)
18 Aug 2013: Edits Award (15,000)
18 Aug 2013: All Purpose Award (8th Ribbon) (Doneve) (TRO:3145 FedSuns work)
02 Oct 2013: Casual Edit Award (4th Award) (Frabby) (Vessel re-categorization work)
24 Oct 2013: Substantial Addition Award (4th ribbon) (Dark Jaguar) (A sky full of ships)
29 Nov 2013: Substantial Addition Award (5th ribbon) (Insidiator) (Thanks for work in general)
19 Dec 2013: All Purpose Award (9th Ribbon) (Mbear) (Helping with the BattleMech section renaming)


05 Jan 2014: Random Act of Appreciation Award (6th ribbon) (Dark Jaguar) (CBS Admiral Russell Nga)
28 Feb 2014: Random Act of Appreciation Award (7th ribbon) (Mbear) (Updating articles with update needed tags)
03 Mar 2014: Founder's Exceptional Ambassador of the Year Award
14 Mar 2014: Good Humour Award (Dmon) (For credit where credit's due - even when it's not me!)
23 Mar 2014: Edits Award (20,000)
11 Jul 2014: Time in Service (3 years) (ca. 20,500)
19 Jul 2014: Random Act of Appreciation Award (8th ribbon) (BobTheZombie (Errata followup)


31 Mar 2015: Casual Edit Award (5th) (ClanWolverine101) (Copy edits to Harrow's Sun battle article)
08 Apr 2015: Outstanding Member of the Year
08 Apr 2015: Founder's Consistent Service Award
12 May 2015: Problem Solver Award (Mbear) (InfoboxSupportVehicle work)
11 Jul 2015: Time in service (4 years)


26 Jan 2016: Casual Edit Award (6th) (Frabby) (Third Centauri Guards update/errata incorporation)
03 Feb 2016: Casual Edit Award (7th) (ClanWolverine101) (Battle of Morges editing)
19 Mar 2016: Direction Appreciated Award (Dark Jaguar)
18 Apr 2016: Casual Edit Award (8th) (ClanWolverine101) (WD Epsilon Regiment editing)
11 Jul 2016: Time in Service (5 years)